Dark Set Films

The Dark Set Project gets access to theatre sets on their dark nights to make dance films.

Devin Marie Munoz and Emily Durand on the set of Subterrane

Devin Marie Munoz and Emily Durand on the set of Subterrane

One of the core ideas behind the Dark Set Project is creating opportunities for people to try new things. With that in mind, the team behind each film is constantly changing. We've been very fortunate to work with an amazing array of artists and organizations. 

Catlynn Griswell - Dancer

Devin Bews - Musician

Erin Nichole Boyt - Dancer, Producer, Director, Editor, Choreographer

Jasmine Jean Sim - Dancer

Anja Kellner-Rogers - Dancer

D. R. Amromin - Sound Designer

Tim Summers - Cinematographer

Deseo Carmin - Dancer

Andre Feriante - Musician

Dakota Crist - Dancer

Mi Y. Kang - Dancer

Ayo Tushinde - Dancer

Jacob Bevalaqua - Cinematographer, Editor

Copious Love Productions

12th Ave Arts

Theatre 22


Hannah Cavallaro - Choreographer, Dancer

Liz Houlton - Dancer

Amanda Rae Fitch - Musician

Emily Durand - Director, Choreographer, Dancer, Editor, Producer

Sophia Franzella - Dancer, Choreographer

Brittany Allyson - Dancer

Corinna Dalzell - Dancer

Jennifer Allié - Dancer

Joe Iano - Photographer

Devin Marie Munoz - Cinematographer, Dancer

Francesca Betancourt - Dancer, Producer, Director, Choreographer

Stefan Richmond - Dancer

Sumaya Mulla-Carrillo - Dancer

Brett Love - Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer, Sound Designer

Georgetown Steam Plant

Annex Theatre

The Slate Theatre